Seva Grantwriting, LLC

Technology / Database

A database can be used for performance and grant monitoring, to keep track of donors, for "customer relationship management (CRM)", to track research and production results, or to track internal statistics and administration. To build or to buy, that always is the question. Either way, Seva can help you to make that decision. Our methodology is designed to assist when you buy a database and then need to modify and install it, or when you build a database from scratch. We can be integrally involved in early stage discussions, leading to a decision on how to move ahead, through system implementation, training, and rollout.

Our Database Implementation Methodology, at a high level, is as follows:

1. Concept Discussion

2. Requirements Definition

3. Preliminary System Design

4. Database/Software Selection Process

5. Detailed Design

6. System Development (as needed)

7. System Implementation

For life sciences companies, databases are validated in a process that extends throughout the design and development process.

We also can provide ongoing maintenance to support your database implementation.